Singular Mission

Our Mission:

We have a singular mission: It is to connect founders with investors.

Our Story:

Both of us are entrepreneurs, and have experienced the heartache of starting a company from scratch. We know the effort it takes to execute on a plan by your self with little or no help, and before anyone believes in its value. The hardest part of starting your own company is finding the money that can supercharge your business. We have gone through this process ourselves so we know your pain.

Our hope with this platform is to make this process easier for you, so that your message can go out to more investors, and that you are able to make more of an emotional connection with those investors. An e-mail and a 15 slide pitch deck lacks the passion, the ambition and drive that you have. These things can only be recognized in a face-to-face conversation and after you spend 30 to 45 minutes with someone.

Startup Steroid is essentially a show that acts as the first step in the due diligence process. We will do an interview over zoom where we are just focused on sharing your story. Our goal is to get to know the entrepreneur, the team and the business. It is a one on one conversation where we can ask follow up questions and go well beyond a “presentation”.

If you are interested in joining our network, please click on the link below and send us your information. If you are a right fit, we will reach out to you and start the process of scheduling an interview with you. (If you are not ready, we will be the first people to tell you why – and how you can get ready, so don’t let doubt hold you back.

If you are an angel investor that believes in the same mission, please join us. When you join our network, you will get access to four companies per week that is looking for funding. You will also get access to the due diligence interview, along with the usual deal room information. If you choose to continue the due diligence, we will make the introduction with the entrepreneur and help facilitate your interaction.

We will NEVER give out your information to anyone for any reason. Period