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Rama Prasad

Founder CEO

Teqnizan Inc

Teqnizan has developed, patented and taking to market Bluetooth audio earrings in many different formfactors, and artwork. Our unique technology appro...

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David Bean


Dermal Photonics Corp (NIRA Brand)

Dermal Photonics develops and markets home lasers for skincare sold under the NIRA Brand. DPC’s patented technology delivers home laser treatments a f...

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Arif Padaria

EVP, Corporate & Business Development


Jaxon is an AI-powered training workbench for building custom AI models, self-adjusting to domain-specific use cases. Assembling sufficient amounts of...

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Shlomit Steinberg Koch

Co-Founder and CEO

Predicta Med

Predicta Med is on a mission to solve the puzzle of undiagnosed autoimmune diseases, one of the biggest pains of both healthcare systems and patients....

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Dan Kincaid

President & COO

Sense Diagnostics, Inc.

Our scanners transmit low power radio waves through the patient’s brain . They detect scattering by the blood, grey and white matter, cerebral spinal ...

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Jeff Majka


The Security Bulldog

The Security Bulldog is a new subscription-based cybersecurity information intelligence site with integrated data and prediction markets for security ...

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Nicholas Perrenoud

Chief Executive Officer

HAI Solutions Inc

HAI Solutions, Inc. has developed a unique portfolio of medical devices addressing the growing plague of contamination within the operating room, em...

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Ray Browning


Biomotum, Inc

At Biomotum, we’re building intelligent wearable robots to address the rapidly increasing number of people with poor health due to difficulty walking....

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Chandra Tekwani

Founder & CEO

Core Mobile, Inc.

Core Mobile is a digital health company that provides Software-as-a-Service to improve healthcare efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Deployed at...

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Ruchi Dana


Duluth Medical Technologies Inc.

The vision of Duluth is to democratize healthcare for all and access untapped markets by providing superior technologies at an affordable price. With ...

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Oscar Pedroso


Thimble is the world's largest online STEM school that teaches any child the most sought after technology skills such as robotics, coding, and other t...

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Patti White


Hemex Health, Inc.

Hemex Health is transforming diagnostics for the front lines of healthcare with breakthrough affordability and lab-quality performance. Our portable p...

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