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Stacie Allyn


ReciprociT LLC

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ReciprociT LLC

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ReciprociT is THE software solution for workplace giving for small and medium sized enterprises (500 - 5,000 employees). Our cloud-based SaaS (software as a solution) is the first digital platform to connect Employee Payroll Deduction, Company-determined Gift Match, and 501c3 non-profit benefactors seamlessly in a process that is similar to 401K b... Read more

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Pain: Small and medium enterprises have largely been shut out of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arena due to the complex and expensive solutions currently offered, which are modeled for global, Fortune 500 businesses. Therefore, current levels of donations, as compared to the potential donations that could be gifted to non-profits, are m... Read more

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Stacie Allyn


Boriana Ditcheva

Contract Chief of Marketing

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Scott Hamerink

Technology Executive

Elizabeth Kiovsky

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Pat Linden

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Steve Weigler

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Sheri Visani

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Kyle Hansen

Strategy and Finance Executive

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ReciprociT, LLC
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, Durango, Colorado