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Jacopo Tani

President, CEO, co-founder

Duckietown, Inc.

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Duckietown, Inc.

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Duckietown™ is a robotics and AI state-of-the-art educational ecosystem that provides learning experiences that are accessible, engaging, and fun. Duckietown makes revenue through sales of robotic educational kits (self-driving cars, smart cities, drones) since Oct. 2018, having shipped over 4000 boxes in 57 countries.

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Teaching a compelling machine autonomy course is hard because of the multidisciplinary and hands-on nature of the discipline. - (University) Professors don't have time, are pressured by research demands, but need good student evaluations. - K-12 educators often lack the competence or confidence to engage in state-of-the-art robotics and AI te... Read more

Management Team

Jacopo Tani

President, CEO, co-founder

Andrea Censi

Chief Technology Officer, co-founder

Liam Paull

Chief Science and Education Officer

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Emilio Frazzoli

Scientific Advisor

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Boston, MA
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Duckietown, Inc.
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, Principal Office in Cambridge, MA, Registration in Delaware