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Alexa Jones

CEO & Founder

TheraB Medical

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TheraB Medical


Med Devices



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TheraB Medical is a medical device company that promotes holistic jaundice treatment by keeping babies in the arms of their loved ones during treatment. We are commercializing our first product, the SnugLit™ Portable Phototherapy System — the only portable, wearable treatment for infant jaundice that promotes maternal-infant bonding and breastfeedi... Read more

Product/Service Description

The SnugLit System is equipped with a reusable LED phototherapy light pad, that produces light at the blue-light wavelength, which is housed within a disposable swaddle wrap. Because surface area is directly correlated with treatment time, nurses typically use 2-3 devices simultaneously on one newborn. Only SnugLit’s unique 360-degree swaddle desig... Read more

Management Team

Alexa Jones

CEO & Founder

Lyne Charron-Keller

Chief Commercialization Officer

Sam Hansen

Director of Marketing

Christina Schonberg

Lead Clinical Researcher

Advisor Team

Tekna Inc.

Product Development & Manufacturing Partner

Jackie Willmot

Advisor and CEO at XLerate Health

Michael James

Legal Advisor and Attorney at Michael James Law

Dinesh Reddy

International Market Advisor

Dr. Said Omar

Neonatologist and Clinical Advisor

Dr. Anne Hansen

Neonatologist and Clinical Advisor

Ben Louagie

COO at ​Michigan State Medical Society; Advisor, Investor and Board Member for TheraB

Jeff Wesley

Managing Director at Red Cedar Ventures; Advisor, Investor and Board Member for TheraB

John Dahler


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East Lansing, MI
Legal Name
Thera B Medical Products
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, East Lansing, Michigan