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We are a marketplace that connects companies to a network of qualified independent truckers. We do last-mile deliveries for Wholesalers, primarily in the Trades and Construction industries. We focus on the big and bulk category of last-mile distribution.

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Web, Mobile Apps as well as API integrations that connect companies to a network of qualified independent truckers.




  • Problem and solution

    Logistics for B2B in the trades, construction and wholesale distribution has not changed o...

  • Team

    Management team: has prior experience within the construction industry and last-mile logis...

  • Market (TAM)

    Only in the Construction Industry TAM: $4.8B in the US SEM: $900M in the Northeast O...

  • Competition

    GoFor Dispatchit Curri TommyRun

  • Progress in the Business

    Traction to date: +13,000 deliveries in MA $30,000 GMV/Month 40 Active Drivers/Month ...

  • Customer Acquisition

    We are partnering with local, regional and natonal suppliers. i.e- Hajoca, Ferguson, Gr...

  • Intellectual Property

    Workflows within platform Code

  • Partnerships/JV/Agreements

    With regional partners in the area (13)

  • Financials

    Revenue to date: $620K since inception Revenue per month: $30K GMV 2019: $290K 2020: ...

  • Financing Rounds

    Friends, Family and Friends: $300K on a Convertible Note ($2.5M Cap) TiE Boston Came in

  • Risks

    Insurance and liability is covererd by the business. We check insurance on all of our deli...

  • Exit Strategy

    Acquisition via: Within the Industry: Hajoca, Ferguson, HD Supply Out of the Industry: ...


Yosh Rozen

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