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EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies
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EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies
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United States
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At Exos our mission in life is not to build and fly Low Earth Orbit capable reusable rockets but rather, to enable other brilliant minds to change the world for the better …as two examples: First, the rapid space manufacturing of mesenchymal stem cells (or MSC’s) for regenerative medical treatments have shown phenomenal results in clinical trials a... Read more

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Access to space is too inflexible To put it simply, if a SpaceX Falcon 9 and Virgin Orbit Cosmic Girl 747 had a space baby, you’d get an Exos Reusable LEO Air launcher. ultimately making SPACEavailable…TM .

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  • Problem and solution

    Access to space is too inflexible Air Launch Provides for increased flexibility (Exos, V...

  • Team

    David Mitchell - President of Exos - Pastor, 4th generation Oil Man, CEO Designer Technol...

  • Market (TAM)

    The Space industry is a $424 Billion market today and growing 5-7% year over year with pro...

  • Competition

    Exos is one of four companies IN THE WORLD to have flown a licensed reusable rocket four t...

  • Progress in the Business

    Our last Private offering round closed oversubscribed with a company valuation of $101M ...

  • Customer Acquisition

    Exos is a NASA REDDI provider and with our 2021 launch of the SARGE R2 vehicle to >85km we...

  • Intellectual Property

    NONE by design- Can't afford to have the Chinese or other Patent Trolls copy it.

  • Partnerships/JV/Agreements

    FENXI Space- Exos developed and built their Rocket engine for the Towed Glider Air Launch ...

  • Financials

    Focus is on Research and Development- minimal revenue to date with Suborbital Risk Mitigat...

  • Financing Rounds

    Private offerings totaling $5.7M to date $1M round in progress $30M round to fund Air La...

  • Risks

    600kg launcher space overtaken by other launch providers and biomedical demand for MSC cel...

  • Exit Strategy

    M&A, IPO, DoD contract or Stock buybacks.

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