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Did U Remember To LLC is the home of atendit, "your motion triggered reminder". The Company with its small team of very experienced entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers, has created, and is now selling atendit, a unique combined Bluetooth Low energy beacon and mobile app product that delivers to the user's mobile phone custom reminders just as... Read more

Product/service description

People forget things! The cost of this behavior is anything from a minor irritation, to real concern for something not done, to a cost of time and money, e.g., "darn, I left my coffee mug on the counter again", "oh, did I turn the stove off?", and "OK... I just drove 25 miles to my storage locker, and I forgot to bring the keys!". All these and m... Read more

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  • Problem and solution

    People forget things! The cost of this behavior is anything from a minor irritation, to r...

  • Team

    The DID U REMEMBER TO team consists of Christine Unnold, the concept originator, Bob Unno...

  • Market (TAM)

    The product is usable worldwide, simple non-technical installation, stick the beacon to an...

  • Competition

    Competition today is based on day/time or GPS location. Reminders based on time, e.g., re...

  • Progress in the Business

    Product atendit, is a proven and hardened mobile app and Bluetooth Low Energy beacon (Sens...

  • Customer Acquisition

    **** Testing of digital marketing strategies, in preparation for having a budget to pursue...

  • Intellectual Property

    Filed an “Event Driven Conditional Reminder System” as a Utility Patent (App # 16/534,924 ...

  • Partnerships/JV/Agreements

    Manufacturing and product development agreement with EM Microelectronic of Marin, Switzerl...

  • Financials

    The Company Financial Reports and Financial Model are available upon request.

  • Financing Rounds

    Friends and Family and the Seed round has started

  • Risks

    Standard risks of consumer acceptance, under capitalization, technical enhancement delays,...

  • Exit Strategy

    Plan exit by selling to industry competitor in 2-3 years. Expect a 25 X return... the Man...


Robert Unnold