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11Sight Inc
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11Sight Inc
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Digital Media – Enterprise (App / Web App / Digital Services)
United States
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We enable enterprises to engage, transact, and close business with their customers online, by allowing their customers to reach them on a video call with a single click on a URL or a single scan of a QR code whenever and wherever the customer wants. The result is faster sales, happier customers. The company is run by veteran entrepreneurs that ha... Read more

Product/service description

We provide a video call platform as a service that enables the end customer to call the business with zero friction, with one click. The online visual engagement creates trust, facilitates the transaction, accelerates sales, improves customer satisfaction. Call me at from any device with a camera. We will enter a video call. If ... Read more

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  • Problem and solution

    Challenge & Opportunity: We are at a point in history where businesses either figure out...

  • Team

    This is the 3rd venture and 2nd collaboration for founders. They have made money for their...

  • Market (TAM)

    Online Video is a $85B/year and growing business. Our initial focus is profit centers tha...

  • Competition

    While WhatsApp and Skype provide ad-hoc calls they are consumer focused solutions. Zoom an...

  • Progress in the Business

    Our direct customers include: Fiat, Mercedes, Toyota, Alfa Romeo, Suzuki, Europcar, Vitra,...

  • Customer Acquisition

    We can sell lines on our instance of the platform. We prefer deals that represent a minimu...

  • Intellectual Property

    We have a pending patent for one-click calls. We keep back-end proprietary protocols that...

  • Partnerships/JV/Agreements

    Sincro Digital and Intellacall are Value added resellers Smart Call pro and Cozzi Consult...

  • Financials

    2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Sales $0.3 ...

  • Financing Rounds

    Series Seed was structured to raise up to $3.5M in multiple closings. To date we have rais...

  • Risks

    We have the first mover advantage as the company that provides both ad-hoc, one-click vide...

  • Exit Strategy

    We are set to grow a large successful business and project 54M revenues by 2024. We are a...

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