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Binary Analytics
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Binary Analytics
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AI/ML/Big Data
United States
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Founded by 2 ex-consultants who have worked for big names in the industry in the US, Canada, France and Luxembourg. Both founders identified that mainstream consulting business models are bound to fail and Covid 19 has accelerated the downfall of these fragile business models. Binary Analytics is a consulting company that offers all its services re... Read more

Product/service description

Problem: US companies pay 600 billion USD per year when hiring unengaged employees or underperforming employees. Solution: Is a software integration that gauges employee performance metrics and translates these into daily reports with suggestions on what should be done to improve the service and with 5-minute-online games to be played by the empl... Read more

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  • Problem and solution

    Problem: Companies today in the USA and abroad are facing high costs of disengaged employe...

  • Team

    Georgy Rahayel, CEO, MBA from IE Business School, Bachelor of Eng, Master in Eng, Ex-Cons...

  • Market (TAM)

    TAM: 367 Billion in the US alone (Similar figures for Europe). CAGR at 9% per year. TSM ...

  • Competition

    Happy or Not: raised 24 million in the last couple years. Present in 4,000 businesses worl...

  • Progress in the Business

    We have 2 solutions 2 offer. Either a hardware or a software that our clients can use. We ...

  • Customer Acquisition

    We are a B2B and we aim to sign partnerships with other consulting firms and resellers. We...

  • Intellectual Property

    We haven't filed for any yet. As for today our software sits on our servers and are highly...

  • Partnerships/JV/Agreements

    Absolute Change Management (Canadian resale agreement) Bank of Cyprus and Deloitte Cypru...

  • Financials

    4 months after we launched the company, we signed deals with the 3 largest banks in Lebano...

  • Financing Rounds

    a grant of 108,000 USD from the Central Bank of Lebanon. These people loved the idea and ...

  • Risks

    Very low risk of obsolescence. Why? Because we have built our systems in a way that we're ...

  • Exit Strategy

    Most probably an acquisition from either one of our direct competitors or from a mainstrea...

Georgy Rahayel
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