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Mediaa Ads AG
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Mediaa Ads AG
Digital Media – Enterprise (App / Web App / Digital Services)
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With the power of data Mediaa Ads AG disrupts the outdoor advertising industry and offers brands the most effective OOH-channel. In its first market the company has secured the exclusive rights to equip 17`395 taxis with Mediaa`s Ads screens and is able to reach daily 1,4M people. The global expansion into self-driving cars and ride-hailing vehicle... Read more

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Mediaa sells highly effective and targeted digital outdoor advertising spaces to companies and brands. Mediaa`s software is able to target demographics and interests like online advertising channels and therefore brings outdoor advertising to the next level.

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  • Problem and solution

    Outdoor advertising, a very popular marketing tool for companies and brands to reach their...

  • Team

    Mediaa consists of team with years of entrepreneurial experience in marketing, software an...

  • Market (TAM)

    In our first market, Turkey, which has the fastest growing outdoor advertising market, the...

  • Competition

    In its first market Mediaa has the first mover advantages and the exclusive rights to equi...

  • Progress in the Business

    Mediaa is ready to go for it's launch. Currently, we are running over all processes and cl...

  • Customer Acquisition

    Mediaa is implementing its agency partner model and onboards marketing agencies to our pla...

  • Intellectual Property

    The code of the software, the technology, our network to brands and companies, the strate...

  • Partnerships/JV/Agreements

    The biggest agreement is the contract which allows us for 10 years to reach daily 1,4M peo...

  • Financials

    On a unit economic level Mediaa aim to earn at least USD 5 per day per screen. We calculat...

  • Financing Rounds

    Mediaa had an F&F/Pre Seed round with some Angel investors where its raised about USD 220k...

  • Risks

    The founders were able to decrease the risk a lot. The exclusive contract protects the com...

  • Exit Strategy

    The company follows a clear exit strategy. The goal is to increase the value 15 to 20 time...

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