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StoryBolt SaaS platform connects organizations to authentic stories and storytellers (currently: documentary filmmakers) and helps them each get access to improve employee belonging and engagement. Through a network of 4100+ filmmakers from 112 countries, StoryBolt enables impactful DEI conversations around award-winning documentaries that tell rea... Read more

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To increase employee engagement and create a positive culture in the workplace, the StoryBolt platform provides a series of entertaining and informative 1-hour long virtual sessions, together with reports showing the impact of the sessions. At StoryBolt platform, HR decision-makers submit their problems on the platform; receive a shortlist of sug... Read more

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  • Problem and solution

    Employee engagement and belonging has always been a challenge for companies. In 2019, unen...

  • Team

    Nassim Abdi, Ph.D. - CEO/Co-founder Storyteller and evangelist on finding the intersectio...

  • Market (TAM)

    TheTAM is $23B,which includes three focus areas including Corporate Social Responsibility ...

  • Competition

    Indiflix, Kanopy & GoodDocs are providing similar values. Platforms that offer media solut...

  • Progress in the Business

    $307K USD revenue & $550K USD booked revenue for Q1 2021 25X growth in revenue per quarte...

  • Customer Acquisition

    (1) Penetration: (1.1) In our direct sales, we started the market penetration from HR depa...

  • Intellectual Property

    NeuroIS technology for impact measurement (working on filing the patent)

  • Partnerships/JV/Agreements
  • Financials

    $307K USD revenue & $550K USD booked revenue for Q1 2021 $1.7 MM USD in our sales pipelin...

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  • Risks
  • Exit Strategy

    Being acquired by (a) HR platforms for culture & soft skills such as SkillSoft and Culture...

Babak Shahmansouri
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